Your security can be compromised by using the browsers that come with your phone. Firefox is a browser that has improved the way it protects its users’ privacy while putting you in control of your online life. Now, without sacrificing the speed and privacy that are so important to Firefox, you can customise your browser as much as you want.

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Some key features you should know about Firefox

  • Firefox always puts your privacy first, it won’t sell your information to other companies.
  • People can customise their Firefox browser as much as they want. They can change the design, or perhaps add some add-ons that will enhance the user experience while using the browser.
  • Users can sync their computers to be in touch with their mobile phones and vice versa.
  • Firefox is one of the fastest browsers today thanks to its privacy system.
  • Firefox will block anything that appears dangerous to its users, so there is no need to worry about security breaches.
  • Firefox allows users to organise their tabs the way they want with a unique feature called “Collections”.
  • Firefox has a unique mode called ‘Picture in Picture’ which allows users to watch videos in the background while doing other activities.

See some frequently asked questions about Firefox

Is it safe to download Firefox?

Yes, Firefox is pretty easy to download.

Can I download Firefox for free?

Yes, Firefox is available as a free download from our website.

Do you use Google Firefox?

Yes, Firefox users have the option of Google as their browser of choice.

Why is Firefox the most popular browser?

Firefox is one of the most popular browsers because they have developed it with privacy in mind. They have put their users first and this is proof of that.