Google Meet

Nowadays there are thousands of ways to communicate with others. And for this Google Meet is the perfect application for the task. If you haven’t found the tool to make video conferences, live online classes, or make video calls with your friends, this application is the best for that.

What is Google Meet?

Google Meet is an application created by Google for videoconferencing, which can be used from web browsers and mobile devices, although it is focused on the work environment can be used for different things, Meet is within the package of Google applications for professionals. You can hold videoconferences with up to 500 participants, no matter where you are, with Meet you have different advantages, you can hold meetings up to 24 hours long, you can also hold as many conferences as you want without limit, participants can enter from the browser or mobile applications, share screen and presentations, you can adjust different designs, even live broadcasts within the domain!

What is Google Meet’s main use?

First of all, Google is the creator of this application and is a well-known US company that specializes in internet products and services, software, electronic devices, and other technologies, all to make life easier for internet users. Google Meet offers you the power to make videoconferences in a comfortable, easy to handle, and effective way, you can also take online classes and even simple video calls fluently, you can make the number of meetings a day you want without limits, up to 150 to 500 participants and up to 24 hours if you wish and even live broadcasts of up to 100,00 viewers, Google Meet also has online support 24 hours and community forums.

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Some FAQs about Google Meet

Can I use the Meet application for free?

Yes, it is available for free for any electronic device with some limitations such as a maximum time for meetings of 3 or more participants and 100 participants maximum unlike its paid editions you can have 150 or up to 500 participants, and 24 hours of the conference, but still with many advantages.

What devices is Meet compatible with?

It is compatible with any device based on Android 5.0 or later, and Apple devices with iOS 12 or later.

Does Google Meet have a special version with exclusive content?

Yes, this application has two versions with exclusive content compared to the free one, Google Workspace Essential where you can have up to 150 participants and a meeting of 24 hours, and Google Workspace Enterprise where you can have up to 500 participants in your conferences and even live broadcasts with up to 100 viewers, both versions have many more advantages to use than its free version.

Google Meet’s pros and cons

For starters Meet has many benefits that will be useful when using them, however, its free application has certain limitations compared to its paid versions, for example for meetings of 3 participants or more (maximum up to 100), they can only be of 1 hour, of course, you can make the number of conferences you want unlimited during the day, The free version does not have advantages such as intelligent noise reduction, nor can you record your meetings to save them in google drive, but you will have access from both the browser and from mobile devices applications, instant subtitles, you can share screen and present it with adjustable layouts.

Google Meet: Is it worth using?

When the time comes to make online conferences, video calls, and even teach your classes online in a comfortable, safe and reliable way, then first of all you must download Google Meet, it is an application that will help you in the work of making video conferences, online classes, video calls in a professional way through a specialized system to provide you with all the appropriate resources in a simple way to handle and thus communicate in the best way with others.

What characterizes Google Meet?

Meet is the ideal application for your conferences, give your classes online comfortably, and even video calls with perfect fluidity. Its interface is light with a simple design, intuitive and easy to understand. You will not get lost, and you can even give a professional look to your virtual meetings effectively without complications. According to its version you can have from 100, 150 to 500 participants, and even with the Enterprise plan live broadcasts within its domain (streaming) up to 100.000 viewers. You can also make work groups, polls and questions, adjust your designs to your liking, access through phone numbers (if available in your country as access method) and record your meetings and save them in Google Drive. Thanks to this application those dreamed classes to teach will not be just a dream, those meetings and conferences of work or study in a fast and professional way are at hand, you can share what is open on your mobile device screen, desktop or laptop, you can enjoy real-time subtitles to facilitate communications.

Why should I download the Google Meet app?

Google is a company that has been dedicated to services and applications for electronic devices starting with its famous search engine, making life easier for users of each of its products. Google Meet can facilitate your communications in a way, easy, effective, fast and smooth, making life easier when it comes to your meetings without limits through browser or phone application indistinctly, even when the meeting is already started. In response to the COVID-19 crisis in March 2020, Google began offering the advanced Meet features that previously required an enterprise account to anyone using G Suite or G Suite for Education. Because Meet works in Google Chrome or other browsers and does not require an app or extension, it should have fewer security vulnerabilities than video conferencing services that require a desktop application.