When writing a text, it is very important that it is well done. Without spelling mistakes, a nice structure, and a good cohesion to get our message across. This is why Grammarly has become a very popular proofreading app lately among students, professors, and the general public. In the app, you will find all the necessary options and tools to make your texts perfect from start to finish. So if you are interested in knowing more about Grammarly, please read on.

What is Grammarly?

Grammarly, as mentioned above, is a tool for proofreading and correcting texts of all kinds. And among the variety that exists of these tools in the market today, this app really stands out. In addition to corrections, the app is also characterized by giving recommendations to improve and raise the quality of your work, like vocabulary. So, even if there are no mistakes, the advice given by the app will be very helpful.

How does Grammarly work?

Once you have the app, using it will be quite simple. When you open it, you will have several options. First, you can simply copy and paste your text directly into its official page, or upload it as a document. Although, if you prefer, Grammarly can be used as an extension. And so, for example, when you are writing in any other space, the app will make corrections as it analyses the sentences. Something to keep in mind is that you can customize the revisions that Grammarly makes. This means that depending on your audience, goal, or style, you will be able to receive specific advice.

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Some FAQs about Grammarly

Is the Grammarly app free?

Of course, despite having so many benefits, the Grammarly app is completely free.

Does the Grammarly app have a Premium version?

Yes, the Grammarly app has exclusive content for the Premium version. Including an even more precise and detailed customization of your text type. This for corrections more in line with your needs.

Can I use Grammarly on more than one device?

A good thing about this app is that you can use it simultaneously on up to 5 different electronic devices.

Does Grammarly proofread texts in languages other than English?

Currently, no, Grammarly only does proofreading of English texts. The distinctions there may be being on the type of English dialects, as it recognizes British, American, Canadian and Australian dialects.

The cons of a popular proofreading app

Despite being an excellent app, Grammarly has some details that you should consider. First of all, if you are going to analyze large chunks of text, sometimes it will lag. However, this can be avoided by entering segments of your text, a little at a time. Also, some functions of the app are reserved exclusively for those who have the Premium version of Grammarly. Especially if you want your document to be analyzed in a more personalized way according to your goals. But this is not an obstacle for the app to be of great use to you, since it has many other filters and options completely free.

Is Grammarly worth using?

It is often thought that as time goes by, and as we grow up, we stop making mistakes. First of all, we must understand that mistakes are very human. And making them while we are writing is more common than you might think. This is why Grammarly has become an important ally in recent years. Since we now write everything through mobile devices. Fortunately, it is an app that offers you all the necessary corrections and revisions, to elevate your text and make it even more attractive and unique. Many professionals use it and recommend it, as they recognize that mistakes are often overlooked. And that a review by an external agent is never too much.

What characterizes Grammarly?

Grammarly can be considered as a quite complete proofreading app. First of all, its interface is very easy and intuitive to use, so there will be no problem to start deciphering it. Its soft colors and cool tones of the overlay, give it a touch of calm that will help you think more clearly. It is also characterized by the speed with which it analyzes the text and starts making corrections. At the same time, it gives accurate advice on how to replace a term or the structure of a sentence. Above all, it is a very efficient app, that as an extension on your laptop is the perfect complement. No matter if you are writing an essay, an email or even a tweet, you will have your correction instantly.

Why should I download Grammarly?

In addition to all the numerous reasons mentioned above, Grammarly is a simple but necessary tool. We often fail to understand how important it is to know how to structure what we want to communicate to the world. Whether it’s an invitation, a report, a speech, a poem, a book, a tweet, or even a caption. It is crucial that our message successfully reaches the intended audience. This is where Grammarly does an impressive job of correcting the mistakes we often overlook. Not because we are not smart enough, but because sometimes our attention is drawn to other things. And not just spelling mistakes, but substantial ones as well. Even if we are not the best writers, for sure this app will help us to improve the way we communicate with our environment.