How to Download Grammarly for PC

Grammarly for PC

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If you use your PC to produce or edit texts, you need to have an app that supports you at all times, easy and fast so that your results are as optimal and professional as possible. Grammarly’s real-time writing comments will help you ensure that your work is flawless whether you’re typing up a quick email or composing a lengthy report, without the need for copying and pasting. When you type on websites, the browser extension has you covered. You can also improve your writing by using a document editor and your own writing statistics. Installing Grammarly on your computer is the first step in using it; we’ll walk you through it below.

Download Grammarly for PC

Grammarly requirements for PC

  • The PC should at least have access to Windows 10 or higher, and MacOS 10.12 or higher if you are a mac user.
  • A stable internet connection is required for people to use the app.
  • At least 50MB to install the app if downloaded.
  • At least 512MB RAM.
  • A processor with a clock speed of 1 GHz or higher.
  • Google Chrome 89, Safari 12.1 or higher for the browser extension.

How to keep Grammarly updated?

About Grammarly specifically, you won’t have any trouble updating the program. When an update is available, the program itself will let you know and will also tell you how much data it will download. Once the program has been downloaded, all that is likely required of you is to restart the computer or just close and reopen the app. That procedure ought to be sufficient, and you may always explicitly request that the app check for updates. This is what you should do if you believe that your apps are not being updated correctly. Microsoft PCs can use it. Navigate to settings, select the apps, and then select updates. If there are any changes, it will check for them and start the updating process. Mac devices will receive updates via Apple’s App Store. Just keep in mind to check it sometimes to make sure everything is running well. The browser extensions will update automatically when you open your browser.